Welcome to DPS Gandhidham

DPS Gandhidham is an initiative of Padma Education & Welfare Society. The School was established in memory of Mr. Chandrshekar Ayachi''s Mother, Mrs. Padmaben N. Ayachi for fulfilling her dream of providing quality education to the children of Gandhidham and the adjoining areas. Now the School is all set to realize her cherished dream.

DPS Gandhidham can boast of an imposing campus, state of the art infrastructure and an excellent faculty, handpicked from all over the country under the expert guidance of the DPS Society. The enviable sports facilities include Horse riding, Swimming, Cricket, Skating, Soccer, Tennis and Indoor games. Specialized coaches have been appointed to teach the skills of each game to the children.

DPS Gandhidham Goes Smart!

The School is now among the leading schools in the country to implement the Smartclass programme in association with the India's most valuable education company – Educomp. Empowering teachers and students with technology. Interactive learning makes teaching, more interesting and effective. Understanding of abstract or difficult topics much simpler through animation, graphics, audio-video and 3-D images.

Thought on Education

Education is not merely literacy or acquiring the three R'S, namely reading, writing and arithmetic. The scope and dimensions of education are for wider and not easy to encapsulate in words alone.

Academic excellence, is of course, to be given top priority, but honing the skills, and tapping the talents of the child, inculcating socially desirable habits and values, developing the personality, and character building, so as to prepare the child to face the challenge of the future, and serve society as a worthy citizen of the nation, is equally the concern of the curriculum.